Top 10 Most Talked About Games

On Episode 3 Ben and Alex talked about the games that they find themselves talking about most, Here is there top 10 (actually 8 because of crossover).

8. Munchkin munchkin

A game that divides opinion but is full of stories, Munchkin is both memorable and enjoyable for backstabbing and juvenile humour (if you’re into that kind of thing). “I try and warn people off it quite a lot” – Alex

7. Le Havrepic447994_md

Named after the French shipping city. One of Uwe Rosenberg’s masterpieces, in Le Havre you are a mariner who is managing trade goods.   “I think Le Havre is as good as Agricola, so I talk about it a lot, with 2 players it shines.” – Ben

6. Catan catan

One of the first games a lot of gamers play, new gamers will often ask “have you played Catan?” or go “I love Catan!” Don’t be a killjoy if your tastes have moved on, remember how Catan rocked your world!?

5. Orléansorleans

A medieval (and again) French themed game that uses worker placement. Trade, construct and research to score points.

4. Dead of Winter; A Crossroads Game deadofwinter

The paranoia that comes with playing Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game will remain with you after for a while. Everyone involved will be replaying how the traitor got away with it for so long and will bring it up weeks or even months later.

3. Twilight Imperium

A game that takes 8 hours to play through but grants a lifetime of memories. ti3

2. T.I.M.E Stories time stories

While only being able to talk about this in depth with other T.I.M.E agents this game so immerses you in it and is such a great co-operative experience that you will talk about it with your group then you’ll find another group and talk about it with them.  It concerns potential players that you only get to play each case once, but it is so worth it. A unique experience that is fresh and brilliant.

  1. Cosmic Encounter cosmicencounter

This game has seen a lot of reprints, originally printed in 1977 it continues to give great experiences. The beauty of Cosmic Encounter is that no two games will ever be the same, there are so many different alien races that you can play as and results in screwing over your friends or allying with them. It’s a game that creates great experiences.

That makes up the Shuffle & Play top 10 most talked about games, technically a top 8.

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