Top 10 Games That Tell Stories

From Podcast #12, Alex and Ben each give their top 5 games that tell stories.

Alex #5

Flick ‘Em Up

Relive moments of great western movies while taking control of the outlaws or the marshals with the flick of your finger. Each scenario tells a story, bank robberies, showdowns and rescues from the hangman’s noose.


Ben #5

Twilight Imperium: 3rd Edition

A space opera to rival Star Wars, Twilight Imperium is an epic of a game, that tells a different tale with each play through.


Alex #4

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

Solve mysteries alongside the worlds most famous detective. Use the texts and map to unravel the mysteries but never quite as well as Sherlock.


Ben #4

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

The crossroads cards tell of a moral dilemma that players have to decide upon. Characters will die at a greater rate than in Game of Thrones and the situation you have to help them through will test your mind and nerves.


Alex #3


Like Skyrim the board game, your characters start weak and build up before taking on the big boss. Dragons, zombies and other merciless beasts await.


Ben #3

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island

As well as the painfully difficult scenarios that this game contains is a pretty unique system of a problem coming up on the event cards. For example hearing a noise in the night, that if not dealt with may return later, in the form of an animal attack!


Alex #2

Above and Below

Exploring below ground in this game is like a choose your own adventure story. It is quite literally a game in which you tell a story and take your chances with the choices you make.


Ben #2

Pandemic Legacy

You develop a character who has a certain set of skills, they can get scarred by events and become less effective, but you become more attached. After playing a character for 14 games you’ll be so involved with them as you face the horrors of the world during a Pandemic together.


Alex #1

TIME Stories

The clue is in the name as this series of games tells not only individual cases but an overarching story of your team of agents and what they encounter through different time periods.


Ben #1

Arkham Horror The Card Game

Tales of Locraftian horrors streamlined into a deck of cards, the New England town of Arkham can be investigated by 2 players or solo!


What are your top games that tell a story? Comment below!

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